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We diagnose and treat over 80 types of sleep disorders, in-office or via telemedicine (TM).

If you don’t have a TM platform, we can support your practice as needed.

TM consultations are readily available with our team of sleep specialists for:

  • Practice backlog
  • Temporary provider coverage
  • Patients impacted by geography
  • Patients desiring convenience

Patients easily connect through their computer, laptop, or mobile device.

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Home & In-lab testing

All testing interpretations are done by our board-certified sleep physicians.

Referring board-certified sleep specialists have the option of doing their own interpretation.

In-lab testing varies according to location:

  • PSG (Polysomnogram)
  • PSG with MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test)
  • Titration Study
  • Split-night Study
  • MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test)
  • EEG

Not interested in in-lab testing? Order a Home Sleep Apnea Test.

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PAP Therapy

Our Registered Respiratory Therapists manage PAP/CPAP setups and troubleshooting in person or via telemedicine.

Patients can easily order supplies online or with an automated resupply program. 

Supplies and PAP products can be picked up at an area location or conveniently shipped.

We offer a full line of ResMed equipment and supplies.

Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HST)

  • An HST unit is picked up or shipped directly to your patient for a one-night test -- no hidden charges or unnecessary multi-night tests.

  • Test results are interpreted by a Sleep Insights board-certified sleep physician.

  • Results are returned to the referring provider via fax within 48 hours of receipt of the HST unit.

  • Referring specialists have the option of doing their own interpretation.

Referring is Simple and Flexible

  • Convenient Referral Process

    Our referral process is easy! Once you fax us the form and requested documents, we verify insurance coverage, obtain prior authorizations, and schedule the patient.

  • Flexible Visit Options

    Patients can be seen in-office or with telemedicine. HSTs and CPAP supplies can be mailed or picked up in area locations.

  • Insurance Coverage

    We're in-network with the vast majority of local and national insurances.

  • Dispense Home Sleep Apnea (HST) Units Right From Your Office

    • We train your designated staff on dispensing HST units and cleaning protocols. We also provide supplies and screening tools.
    • Interpretations are done by one of our sleep medicine physicians. You receive the results.
    • Any patient or billing questions are handled by us, not another company.
    • At any point, we're here to help with additional patient care.

Practice Partnerships and Consulting

We partner with local practices, hospitals, and national businesses focused on improving sleep health.  Whether you need assistance developing a sleep medicine practice, desire sleep consulting services, or are an area practice interested in dispensing home sleep apnea tests, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and best practices with you.

We also provide consulting services for medical practices, sleep clinics, and hospitals, utilizing over 30 years’ management experience in health care and 15 years’ experience as the region’s largest independent sleep medicine practice. Our extensive knowledge and expertise will benefit infrastructure development and ongoing operations management for freestanding and hospital-based sleep clinics. We customize business models to your specific goals and risk tolerance.

Sleep Insights Showcased In National Blog

Sleep Insights is excited to be featured in Ensodata’s national blog! Their article, 5 Ways to Grow Home Sleep Testing Volume, dives deeply into our sleep center’s operational changes brought about by COVID-19. It further explores how we swiftly capitalized on virtual care and home sleep testing platforms while maintaining singular focus on sleep medicine.

Since our HST volume expanded robustly during this timeframe, Ensodata crafted a 5-step summary based on our strategy: How To Set Up An HST POWERHOUSE

We invite you to explore the journey we’ve taken.

“For the Sleep Insights team, providing a holistic experience for the patient is crucial, and this requires a resilience to survive and adapt.”

Thank you, Ensodata team, for creatively elevating national collaboration and insights to a new level during COVID-19.