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the slumberbump

Positional Sleep Therapy

Positional therapy is an effective behavioral treatment used to treat snoring or positional obstructive sleep apnea. Some people snore more or experience sleep apnea primarily when sleeping on their back. 

SlumberBUMP is a simple, unique solution: a comfortable belt wraps comfortably around the chest and prevents sleepers from rolling onto their backs throughout the night.

man sleeping on side with slumberbump
man sleeping on stomach with slumberbump

How does it work?

The lightweight, breathable sleep belt helps individuals to sleep comfortably on their side so breathing can return to normal. Side sleeping naturally keeps the airway open, significantly reducing snoring.

Why does Sleep Insights recommend it?

  • It is clinically proven to reduce snoring by approximately 80%
  • 90% of buyers actually use it
  • It is not a medication and naturally helps snorers change sleeping positions
  • It can be used alone or complement CPAP and oral appliance therapies

The SlumberBUMP is $70.
Some insurances may cover a percentage of the cost and it may be covered by FSA/HSA.

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Medium:    Fits chest sizes from 32 inch – 38 inch (81-96cm)
  • Large:          Fits chest sizes from 37 inch – 44 inch (95-112cm)
  • Extra Large:  Fits chest sizes from 47 inch – 54 inch (121-138cm)