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Frequently Asked Sleep Testing Questions

What happens during a sleep test?

Testing allows us to record activity and changes that occur during sleep, such as breathing movements, oxygen levels, brain waves, eye movement, muscle activity, heart rate and rhythm, and leg movement. All of this information helps us determine what may be impacting your sleep.

I'm feeling a little nervous about being tested. Will it be hard for me to fall asleep at your sleep center?

There's no need to feel nervous; our sleep technologists will make you feel comfortable, explain the sleep testing process, and answer your questions. You will have your own room in which you can relax with TV and wifi.

Does the test hurt?

No. The process is painless. Sensors are applied with hypoallergenic paste, which you can wash the paste off in the sink or shower (if available) once the testing is done.

Will someone be in the room watching me sleep?

No. Your sleeping behaviors will be monitored remotely. Your sleep technologist will be nearby and if you need assistance or have a question, you can communicate easily via an intercom.

What happens if I need to use the bathroom during the test?

You can use the bathroom quickly and easily throughout your stay. Once the sensors are applied, just let your technologist know if you need to use the bathroom.

What happens at the end of the test?

If you had an overnight test, your technologist will gently wake you and remove the testing equipment, at which time you can leave.

If you had a daytime test, you'll be told when the testing is completed.

At the end of any test, you're welcome to freshen up before you leave; some locations offer showers.