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Sleep Insights is an independent, regional sleep medicine practice with convenient locations across Central and Western New York.  In addition to providing patient care, in-lab and home sleep apnea testing, and innovative treatment therapies, we also partner with local practices, hospitals, and national businesses focused on improving sleep health.  Whether you need assistance developing a sleep medicine practice, desire sleep consulting services, or are an area practice interested in dispensing home sleep apnea tests, we look forward to sharing our knowledge and best practices with you.

What We Do

Our integrated sleep team diagnoses and treats adult and pediatric patients ages 5+:

  • Board-certified sleep physicians
  • Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant sleep specialists
  • Registered Polysomnographic Technologists (RPSGTs)
  • Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs)
  • CPAP/DME equipment specialists

We offer in-lab and home sleep apnea testing.  All testing interpretations are done by our board-certified sleep physicians—we do not source out:

  • In-lab sleep testing
    • PSG (Polysomnogram) and PSG with CPAP titration
    • MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Test)
    • MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Test)
    • PAP NAP
  • Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT)
  • EEG Testing

We offer clinically relevant CPAP and retail products:

  • CPAP equipment and supplies
  • CPAP travel machines
  • CPAPMax pillow 2.0
  • Memory foam CPAP masks
  • RemZzzzs CPAP mask liners
  • SlumberBump
  • SoClean

We seek partnerships with local and national medical practices, hospitals, and businesses interested in making sleep a priority.  We focus on delivering high-quality, cost-effective, patient-centered care while achieving the best possible outcomes.

Consulting and Management Services

Sleep Insights provides consulting services for medical practices, sleep clinics and hospitals.  With over 30 years’ management experience in health care and 13 years’ experience as the region’s largest independent sleep medicine practice, we provide extensive knowledge and expertise when developing infrastructure and ongoing operations management for freestanding and hospital-based sleep clinics.

We customize business models to your specific goals and risk tolerance:

  • Sleep Insights-owned free-standing facilities:   you provide the space and relationships
  • Physician-owned facilities:                                            managed by Sleep Insights
  • Hospital-based facilities:                                                 managed by Sleep Insights
  • Contractual joint-ventures:                                           shared ownership, managed by Sleep Insights
Sleep Pathways

This Sleep Insights-designed program allows your practice to dispense our Home Sleep Apnea Testing (HSAT) units right from your office while keeping Sleep Insights involved with your patient care.  Sleep Pathways:

  • Makes it easy:       We have a designated person working with your practice to explain and smoothly implement this sleep component into your practice.
  • Keeps it local:        All test interpretations are done by one of our sleep medicine physicians—we do not source out.  Any patient or billing questions are handled by us, not another company.
  • Keeps it simple:    We provide you with a practice liaison, screening tools, HSAT units, and our physicians score the interpretations and provide timely reports.

To partner or expand your relationship with Sleep Insights, contact us or call: 585.385.6070.

Need a patient referral form for one of our locations? Look for the Referral Form button on the right side of the location you need.

Our process is easy! Fax us the form: we verify insurance coverage, obtain prior authorizations, and schedule the patient at their preferred location.