At last! A colorful For Her line of CPAP machines and masks!


For Her CPAP machine

ResMed AirSense 10

Why not have a bit more color in your life?

From the ivy leaf design to its special algorithm, this machine was designed with women in mind. This is a auto-adjusting CPAP machine that auto-adjusts to the optimum pressure on a breath by breath basis.

ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine For Her

For Her Compatible Masks

AirFit For Her P10 nasal pillows mask

ResMed’s quietest mask! It is so comfortable and effective, it won a world-coveted Red Dot Award for excellent product design. The one-click action assembly and the soft splash of color make this mask even more appealing.

AirFit P10 For Her


AirFit For Her N20 nasal mask

This lavender-accentuate nasal mask is ideal for those who breathe through their nose. This mask will move with you comfortably throughout the time and InfinitySeal technology ensures a comfortable fit.

Airfit N20 nasal mask For Her

AirFit For Her F20 full face mask with silicone seal

Comfortable and easy to use, this full face mask is light and quiet. Magnetic clips make quick fitting easy and the silicone seal provides a secure fit. The plush headgear provides a soft, flexible frame for maximum comfort with a splash of lavender.

Airfit F20 Full Face mask For Her with ilicone seal

AirTouch For Her F20 full face mask with memory foam

This incredibly soft memory foam full face mask comes in a smaller size range to accommodate women’s faces.  The light, breathable cushion helps provide a secure seal across a range of therapy pressures. Easy to clean, this comes with stylish lavender accents.

Air Touch For Her F20 memory foam mask


I’m interested. How do I order one of the For Her products?

The For Her lines may be covered by your insurance and by  FSA/HSA. We will need to first contact your insurance company to determine coverage.

Call (585) 385.6070 #3 or #4 to order or set up a fitting appointment.