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Headshot of Kenneth Plotkin, MD

Founder, Sleep Insights

April 19, 1960 – January 16, 2015

Kenneth Plotkin, MD, the founder of Sleep Insights, passed away on January 16, 2015. He was a compassionate, innovative physician who had a dream: he envisioned a soothing environment in which patients could feel comfortable and relaxed while seeking medical treatment—even if they had to stay overnight for sleep testing. In 2005, he left the University of Rochester and launched a unique, independent sleep medicine practice on 10 Hagen Drive, and took the lead in promoting new technologies while focusing on patient care.

The practice, headquartered in Rochester, has steadily grown to ten locations across Central and Western NY, stretching from Niagara Falls to Syracuse. Dr. Plotkin pioneered an integrated approach to wellness, providing patients with a seamless transition for sleep therapy: at Sleep Insights, a patient could be seen for an initial diagnosis and ongoing therapy, all at a convenient, centralized location. Other components that affected sleep, such as nutrition, CPAP therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dental sleep therapy were made easily available to the patient. In addition, he created a welcoming and soothing environment for those needing overnight sleep testing, complete with soft lighting, calming colors, memory foam mattresses, and sound-proofed rooms.

Dr. Plotkin was engaging, humorous, compassionate and inquisitive; his appreciative patients loved his demeanor and commitment to their well-being. His approach to life, humanity, and his profession instilled a profound level of respect and devotion from his employees. His vision and innovative spirit never compromised patient care; it only served to enhance it.

Ken Plotkin possessed a keen love of life; he was an optimist who believed he could beat his disease. In his last years, he became a beacon for those around him who appreciated the true beauty of humility, humor, and passion radiating from his fighting, eternally optimistic spirit.