What our patients are saying about us . . . 


I had a sleep study done at Sleep Insights. It was a very nice experience for me. The technician was very professional, personable and made the procedure very relaxing for me. She explained everything to me step by step and was comforting especially during some anxiety that I was having. I look forward to my next visit for my results and would highly recommend Sleep Insights for anyone in need of a sleep study. The facility was beautiful as well. Very relaxing and homie. -Julie D.


Had my sleep study last night and I couldn’t be more pleased. The room and bed were both fantastic and the staff was just amazing. –Rob D.


I love this place great people very informative. I will recommend to everyone.–Julio O.


I love it so much it was a gift for my Birthday by myGrandson. –Angela L.



They were very helpful and answered my questions. Very professional. Thomas V.


Tech was awesome and fully explaining the whole process and discussing any questions or concerns I had. — David F.


 Excellent experience, very comfortable environment. — Tammy D.


 Successfully helped me with my problem when other facility was unable to. _– Daniel C.


 I want to say that Ally, my tech, was wonderful in helping me get comfortable and monitor my sleep test. The room was very clean and relaxing. The only thing I would recommend is if you could have let me know how to get the “goop” out of my hair. I had to google it to find out that non-acetone nail polish remover did the trick after several tries. Maybe you could send the patient home with instructions or a sample package to remove it. Thank you. — Lorraine S.


 Everything was explained to me. — Loretta F.


 Very friendly and helpful— Robert T.


  This was my first visit. The location is great, easy to find. The wait in the waiting room was short. Front desk staff very friendly.   The doctor came out to greet us and take us to his office for initial consultation. Very thorough knowledgeable of my symptoms with recommendations to start evaluation promptly. — Matthew M.


 I was not convinced I needed to be there and had lots of concerns. After speaking with my technician, she addressed all my concerns, fears, and anxiety. I stayed for the study. The room was inviting and very comfortable.  In the morning my results convinced me of my need for a cpap machine. — Maryanne R.


 The first visit was good but I haven’t gotten my home test kit yet. So more to come. — Robert M.


  Amy is and has been most valuable as a resource. She makes things happen. — Stephen W.


  Doctors and other providers are caring and take time to explain what they are doing. Facility for overnight sleep study was comfortable, clean, and welcoming. — Mary Claire T


Excellent service and generous amount of time with Dr. Dominik. However, while all staff was accommodating and gave great patient service it seems that there was a lack of coordination between them so that I didn’t know was happening with my prescription(s) and approval from Medicare. I had to call twice to find out about my CPAP supplies. — John R.


  I’m very satisfied I feel well rested and more energetic.  — Edward B.


 Dr. Dominik and the entire staff at Sleep Insights are very professional, friendly, and just really good at what they do. I would highly recommend them to anyone with sleep issues. That’s big coming from me, because I’m discriminating when it comes to health professionals as I’ve had plenty of negative experiences with some.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Dominik for my Obstructive Sleep Apnea since 2014, and I will keep him as my sleep specialist as long as he’s around. And, as I said, the support staff at Sleep Insights is fantastic as well!! — Douglas L


 Great listeners to my sleeping issues. — Jerome C.


Everyone at the office is very nice and friendly. They create a comfortable environment, and truly listen to your concerns and issues. Everyone took the time to explain what would be taking place and provided demonstrations for any machines or devices that would be used. It’s an important conversation to have, and they do a great job of listening and working to help. — Melissa D.


The staff was very pleasant and the NP that help me was very nice and professional. My overnight stay was wonderful the nurse that attended me was very nice and easy to talk too. The room was very clean, quiet, and comfy. I enjoyed the whole experience. I would recommend this facility and would recommend the overnight stay especially. — Noemi Z.


  Sleep Insights staff was wonderful from the initial 1st appointment to the conclusion of the sleep study. — Tina W.


  I have been very pleased with the level of care and attentiveness at Sleep Insights. Getting diagnosed with Narcolepsy was nerve racking, but Dr. Dominik and the other professionals at sleep insights made me feel at ease.  My sleep study as well as my plan of care was explained perfectly to me and discussed thoroughly with me. All my questions/concerns were and continue to be answered. They are very thorough and take your care very seriously. It has been 6 years now and I still am amazed and grateful for time taken in each appointment to talk to me about how I am doing and how to continue to move forward. I highly recommend Sleep Insights.  — Sirie F.


  Have told all my friends.  — Edmund L.


  I have always been pleased with the service I have received at Sleep Insights. Staff is very knowledgeable and always answer all my questions/concerns. — Patricia F.


  I feel that your office is very friendly and inviting. — Jean K.


 Comfortable waiting room and very nice staff.— Linda R.


  The people are always on top of their game I have never had a less than positive interaction with anyone at sleep Insights, on the phone or in person! Thank You Don. — Donald L


  Very welcoming and comfortable environment. — Shawn D


  The staff was very friendly and nice.they explained things good and the price was very reasonable.i would recommend them to anyone having sleep issues. — Lawrence H.


   Very professional, answered all my questions. — Nancy D.


   The only issue I have with Sleep Insights is the length of time it takes to get an appointment. I took the home sleep test and then had to wait about three weeks to get the results. Now I am having an issue with the first type of mask I tried and now I have to wait a week to schedule an appointment to change it out with a different type of mask.  Other than that, things have been fine.  — Thomas N.


   My consultation was very thorough. Having said that..I am in hopes that it will not be necessary to have the CPAP.  — Ania B.


  I  have to admit that it was creepy entering the building after hours. I did not like leaving my car in the parking lot.  However once I got into the second room ( i was given the option to move around 9pm) I was fine. — Nancy C.